About Us

ISPAT BUILDING & TECHNOLOGY was established in the year 2014 and has developed into a construction and consultancy company providing the service in the stage of conceptualization to detailed planning, design & construction and engineering for varied and diverse discipline of projects. Its professional achievements include a large number of consultancy & construction assignments spread all over Bangladesh.

Ispat Building & Technology is staffed by eminent, experienced and qualified professionals. The professional staff of Ispat Building & Technology comprises Engineers of varies disciplines, Architects, Planners, Environmentalists, Financial Analysts, Project Management and Quality Assurance Experts. Ispat Building & Technology also has an active panel of associate consultants and advisors with rich experience in various fields in their fields of expertise.  

In terms of manpower strength, apart from the three member Board of Directors, Ispat Building & Technology is now having over 12 numbers of engineers, architects, professional staff and other staff of various discipline, majority of whom are highly qualified, experienced, skilled with wide knowledge.

Ispat Building & Technology specializes in the provision of design, construction, supervision and project management for clients in the governmental, private and public sectors and offers comprehensive package of services to its clients in various fields like; civil works, steel works, architectural, power projects, electro-mechanical engineering, transportation engineering  etc.

Our aim is to be known as a multidisciplinary consulting firm with the ability to complete projects successfully in various fields of consulting and construction services in which we specialize.

As the Management of the company we are fully aware of the need for the consultant engineers to keep abreast of changes and improvements in technology and for reason Ispat Building & Technology personnel are continually encouraged to develop in their chosen fields.

Ispat Building & Technology is a Construction and Consulting company base on civil works, steel works, Architectural, Electrical, Plumbing and Land Survey. We provide different consultancy services in Survey works, Apartment Building, Commercial Complex, industrial Building, Bridges and Road as per International Standard. Our technical experts are blessed with global expertise.